We shape our buildings, and afterwards they shape us.
— Winston Churchill, 1943

Our Design & Build Philosophy

Can design help mend the growing divide between human
beings and the natural environment by effectively encouraging
routine engagement with nature?

We believe the answer is YES.

Through the lens of design, development, and construction, we seek to have a positive effect on humanity. Our objective is to create homes that help mend the growing divide between humans and the natural environment.

Through thoughtful and socially responsible design that integrates the built and natural environments, communities can be built that help people to thrive instead of merely live.


Why is it important?

Because routine engagement with the natural environment is a basic human need.

Meaningful interaction with natural environments results in:

Improved productivity, energy, & mood

More restful sleep & greater creativity

Increased problem solving skill

Better memory and attention capabilities

Stronger sense of empathy


How can it happen?


“We negotiate our relationship to nature through every design choice we make.” --Marmol Radziner

We are driven by the belief that design can effectively encourage inhabitants to achieve a more meaningful and routine connection with the natural environment for the benefit of mind, body, and soul.


What could it look like?

A solution through layering.

A layering of scale shows how the natural environment can be implemented into the built environment:

1. Home design can encourage a relationship with nature through various design techniques

2. The immediate surroundings can be used for the incorporation of outdoor spaces into the floor plan.

3. Shared green space among neighbors: semi-private, safe, and fosters community.

4. Neighborhood green space on a larger scale: a park-like area with varied types of natural environment and features.